Carpet Door Mattings
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  • Milta Milney Dustproof Mats

Milta Milney Dustproof  Mats

Product Construction&Fetitures
◆Attactive bi-level construction actually traps dirt recessed areas hiding it from sight.
◆Rubber dam border prevent mat from crushing.
◆100% fibers materials dries quckly colorfast is easy.
◆Unique gripper rubber backing resit matdown and hang to dry.
◆Available for inside or oustside entrance hallway and other high-traffic areas.Especially use in cold,rainy and snowy weather.
Cleaning & Maintenance
◆Industrial washing machine
◆Vacuum clean


,Milta Milney Dustproof  Mats, door mattings in Melbourne, Australia
Standard color

  • Milney-6

  • Milney-5

  • Milney-4

  • Milney-3

  • Milney-2

  • Milney-1